“They will know you by your love…”

Contemplating the recent ‘World vision’ fiasco, John 13:35 has been in my head. I expect anyone involved in the ‘Christian blogosphere’ is likely to have heard of the response to World Vision’s announcement to employ gay married people from the conservative evangelical wing of the Church. But, if you haven’t, know that it didn’t go down well, with child-sponsorships being pulled left, right and centre, Christians claimed that world vision’s “compromising” the “truth of the gospel” rendering them no option but to stop paying for the better life of their sponsored child.

In this post I will echo what many other Christians have been screaming at their computer monitors..

This is a disgrace.

And what I mean is a disgrace is that there are people who claim to follow Christ and imitate his lifestyle of selflessness, humbleness and love using their particular target of hatred and placing it as more urgent for the ‘religious police’ to address than the suffering children that world vision provides them a link to. What, I think, disgusts me most about all this is that people who had an active sponsorship – a long-distance yet intimate relationship with a child who depended on them for their brighter future – have actually stopped supporting that child because they don’t approve of the relationships of those which world vision proposed to include. Has legalism really rooted itself so surely into our dogmas that we prioritise condemnation over feeding the hungry? Is the means by which the food and your letters gets to your child enough to make you not want their relationship anymore? if it is, you ought to re-open your bible and read it a few times through – you obviously missed quite a lot the first time.

Love is patient and kind, it transcends prejudice and involves and includes everybody. At the moment, the world sees irate and hateful new-age Pharisees. Lets try and be more like Jesus.


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